Sesame But Different

Title: Sesame But Different
Author: Chia
Format: Webcomic
Published/Free: Free
Length: Currently on episode 11, ongoing with new episodes every Sunday.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: None
Summary: Slice of life lesbian webcomic featuring Chia and Poppy – two girls named after seeds who also happen to be dating each other. They are same-same (or sesame), but different. 

Review: This is my own comic, so I’d rather not provide my own (generally self-deprecating) feelings about my work, but would love to hear feedback on how I can improve.

Rec: Last Night in Tokyo

Title: Last Night in Tokyo
Authors: Andrea律 and Kurara
Format: Kinetic visual novel
Published/Free: Name your own price/free
Length: one hour?
Status: complete
Rating: everyone
Warnings: abusive behavior ment
Summary: Tindra has spent a week in Tokyo with her friend, Emil. Sadly, she didn’t enjoy it as much as Emil hoped. Her last day is her chance to have the time of her life.

Review: It’s probably a good thing I didn’t read the summary given on the download page (which is different from the one above) because there’s not much more than that to it? I like the way it’s been written, but the game is very short and has hence not much of a plot. I feel like the whole game was just character exposition, so it kinda leaves you hanging. The “what do you mean it stops here I want more this is so mean” kind of hanging. Which is why I would play the second part if Tindra’s life was to be made into a game again. All in all, I’m slightly disappointed (probably the kinetic part plays into it, because I’m not used to that), but looking forwards to the team’s next works.

Rec: Can’t A Guy Visit A Friend?

Title: Can’t A Guy Visit A Friend
Author: TheCaliMack
Format: Short Story
Published/Free: Free
Status: Complete
Rating: Teen/Mature (depends)
Warnings: mentions of suicide
Link: AO3 |
Summary: Miguel comes to visit his friend Tristan, but notices something is amiss when the man opens his door to him.

Intuition has never failed him before, but it never prepared him for what he’d see.

Review: I’m sharing my own work, but reviews so far mention it as moving and heartbreaking and one of the most emotional writings they have ever read. I felt honored and I thought I’d share it some more with the rest of you.

No one dies. That’s all I’m saying.

Rec: Baby Love

Title: Baby Love (original title: Comme les autres)
Author: Vincent Garenq
Format: Movie
Published/Free: Published
Length: 1h27
Status: Complete
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Very mild nudity (no genitalia shown), implied sex (as in, one sex scene similar to the Sims), homophobic remarks, misogynistic remarks, casual transphobia
Summary: They were the perfect loving couple, well, almost. Emmanuel, a pediatrician, wanted a child but Philippe, a lawyer, didn’t. One day, however, Emmanuel decides to take the plunge, at the risk of losing Philippe. But how do become a father when you are gay?

Review: The story takes place (and the film itself was done) before 2013, in a France without same sex marriage nor right to adoption by same sex partners. Seeing how much we have now compared to a few years ago warmed my heart. But the complications arising from the relationships in the film are still relevant problems today in that country especially, as the legality of surrogacy is being discussed. 

I laughed a lot watching this film (maybe because I identified with none of the characters and could appreciate the irony of some situations), and I was also surprised by the ending. What had seemed like a boring plot to me still brought me a pleasant experience. Though I wish some of the main character’s actions had been denounced as unhealthy, instead of being shown usual homophobia throughout the film (which is realistic but a few remarks are enough to keep realism in the movie I think…), I appreciate that none of the characters is portrayed as a ~villain~ or a ~good person~. I would also have appreciated more romantic scenes between Emmanuel and Philippe, but the storyline isn’t so much about slash than the struggle of a single homosexual man to become a father. 

For anyone interested in the subject of single and/or homosexual parents and their hurdles, I would recommend this movie. Although the original is in French, I believe portuguese, german, spanish, greek, hungarian, italian, russian and english subtitles are available.

Rec: Tunnel Vision

Title: Tunnel Vision
Author: NomNomNami
Format: Visual Novel
Published/Free: free/name your own price
Length: 20min
Status: Complete
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: death mention
Summary: Two girls go on a cave expedition searching for ghosts. As they get separated, a ghost appears.

Review: Cute short story! The two main characters form an interesting pair. An alternative font for dyslexic people is available, just like translations into Korean and Portuguese.

Rec: Girl Crush

Title: Girl Crush
Author: Bix Lewd
Format: visual novel (Windows/Mac/browser)
Published/Free: Free
Length: 20-30min?
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: explicit sex, including spanking
Summary: You are a female university student who becomes friends with Quinn, a straight-laced overachiever. As you visit Quinn’s dorm room each day to study together your friendship evolves into a steamy romance

Review: This is the kind of game you’ll go back to, even after playing it all, because the sweetness of it will make your day brighter. It’s slightly repetitive, short and doesn’t offer that much art, but its defaults are also its strengths: you don’t have to think much after a long day, it always ends well and you get to cheer on those  two cuties! The art is really good and the writing totally gets you into it. As nice as candy!

Rec: Blue Pariahs

Title: Blue Pariahs
Author: JamieBB
Format: Webcomic
Published/Free: Free
Length: Unsure yet (1 published for now)
Status: WIP
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence, blood, (minor) mentions of past abuse, casual uses of illicit drugs
Summary: A story of two boys, one of who is a dragon leaving his safe but lonely home for college. Follow his journey through self-discovery, true friendship and precarious feelings, but also discrimination and the weight that comes with being (very) different.

The other is a young man about to learn that the world is much bigger than he thought it was, and that he quite likes that.

Review: Writing a review for my own work is quite awkward, but the friends and beta readers helping me out like to point out the black and white aesthetic and how fast they got attached to the characters, there will be lots of feelings, some heart warming, some depressing, but it’s still a feel good story.

Rec: A Normal Lost Phone

Title: A Normal Lost Phone
Author: Accidental Queens
Format: Videogame
Published/Free: Published
Length: 1-1.5 hours
Status: Finished
Warnings: Homophobia, arson
Summary: You find a phone. A normal, lost phone, in the street. It is still working. Will you find the truth?

Review: It was a surprise to find a game like this on Steam. At first it did not look special, but then you began to explore, and oh, girl, boy, person, the story then fits its pieces. You have to look at the messages, the forums, the Tinder-like app, the calculator, the photos, and some more, to understand it all. It is refreshing to see such an experience in clear therms to understand how SPOILER ALERT trans people feel when they face family rejection before coming out END SPOILER ALERT

MON★STAR Studios

Title: MON★STAR Studios
Author: vampmilk
Format: Webcomic
Published/Free: Free
Length: Ongoing
Status: WIP
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Mentions of/implied sexual content
Summary: In a modern city where humans and monsters live together peacefully, college dropout Ramone Garcia makes some strange and exciting friends when he becomes the first human employee at MON★STAR Studios, a monster-centric gay adult film studio.

Review: This comic will focus on themes of sexual positivity, open mindedness and the freedom to shamelessly enjoy one’s interests. The entire cast is made up of LGBTQ+ characters. It is made to be fun and lighthearted.

Rec: Ten Weird Things

Title: Ten Weird Things
Author: Matthew Haldeman-Time
Format: Short Story
Published/Free: Free
Length: 10,000 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Summary: Charles is vegisexual. Shana licks pizza. Eric’s new roommate David may be the most normal thing in his life.

Review: A fun, charming short story in a college setting. Matthew Haldeman-Time (author of the previously rec’d In This Land) is a professional writer and his website works on a subscription basis for his longer novels, but he has a number of short stories available as freebies, including this one. Just the thing for a light quick snack.

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