Rec: Fallen Hero: Rebirth

Title: Fallen Hero: Rebirth
Author: Malin Rydén
Format: Online text-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game
Published/Free: Published
Length: 380,000
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Possible mentions of past abuse, suicide, alcoholism
Summary: Become the greatest telepathic villain Los Diablos has ever known! Once you were famous; soon you will be infamous. That is, unless your old friends in the Rangers stop you first. Juggle different identities and preserve your secrets as you build new alliances and try to forget the friendships you’ve left behind.

Review: In terms of interactive fiction, Fallen Hero: Rebirth may be the best one out there. The intricate and seamless writing introduces a world where superheroes are more than simple ‘do-gooders’ and where everything may not be as it seems. The characters you can romance are fully fleshed out and are truly living and breathing in the city that you may very well destroy…

Rec: Sacrifices

Title: Sacrifices
Author: Rachel Lynn
Format: Oneshot
Published/Free: Free
Length: 12,149 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Suicide mention, violence
Summary: Tam has been raised to die. But when death opens new doors, he has to figure out how to live a whole new life.

Review:If characters discovering the world and quiproquos are the kind of things that you truly enjoy, I got you.

Rec: The Stars of the Pack

Title: The Stars of the Pack
Author: N.J. Lysk
Format: Series
Published/Free: Free with coupon code SLASH
Length: 35k book 1 (300k+ series)
Status: Series complete
Rating: Mature-Explicit
Warnings: M/M/M/M/M/M, mpreg, dubcon, heat, instincts, a/b/o, depression, complicated situations with people trying their best and sometimes failing, later books contain some noncon and graphic violence.
Five alphas.
One omega.
The fate of their pack is in their hands.
But what about the fate of their hearts?

When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he’s expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own. 

The five men selected for him are as different as they are keen. And one of them is his best friend, Josh, who Ray was sure could never return his feelings. But now they all must deal with the mating instinct that the power of the Moon brings out in them; and after that… Ray will have bigger problems than a crush. 

Can Ray become the submissive omega his pack needs him to be? Will the alphas understand how hard it is for him, or demand more than he can give?


Rec : Léonie – French short story

Title: Léonie
Author: Anouchka Labonne
Format: Short story
Published/Free: Published – Éditions Voy’el
Length: 14.5K words
Status: Finished
Rating: Mature
Warnings: French!, Wartime, Non-con, Death

Summary: Fuyant Paris et l’Occupant, Léonie se réfugie à la campagne pour cacher sa véritable identité. Mais lorsque les Allemands s’installent dans la région, sa sécurité est plus que jamais menacée.

Review: I wrote it, so you tell me!

Rec: Girl Crush

Title: Girl Crush
Author: Bix Lewd
Format: visual novel (Windows/Mac/browser)
Published/Free: Free
Length: 20-30min?
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: explicit sex, including spanking
Summary: You are a female university student who becomes friends with Quinn, a straight-laced overachiever. As you visit Quinn’s dorm room each day to study together your friendship evolves into a steamy romance

Review: This is the kind of game you’ll go back to, even after playing it all, because the sweetness of it will make your day brighter. It’s slightly repetitive, short and doesn’t offer that much art, but its defaults are also its strengths: you don’t have to think much after a long day, it always ends well and you get to cheer on those  two cuties! The art is really good and the writing totally gets you into it. As nice as candy!

Rec:  A Simple Seduction

Title: A Simple Seduction
Author: Tricia Owens (aka juxtaposefantsy)
Format: Short Story
Published/Free: Free
Length: 10,000 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Summary: “Will you let me seduce you tonight, Christian?” Christian is used to his longtime friend Ben’s antics, but can’t quite figure out what he’s up to with this challenge. After all, Ben knows he’s straight. Is Ben just messing with his head, or is he up to something? And why is Christian suddenly so confused about everything he thought he knew about his friendship with Ben – and about himself?

Review: This one’s nothing more than a short story. Short and sweet and – yes, simple, but deceptively so. Won’t take more than a few minutes to read, but will stick in your head for a while and make you smile. Note: If you want to read more of Tricia’s writing, she runs a subscription-based fiction site at

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Rec: The Handmaiden

Title: The Handmaiden
Director: Park Chan-wook
Format: Movie
Published/Free: Published
Length: 2h24
Status: Complete
Rating: Ultra Mature
Warnings: Soft porn, torture, bdsm, suicide, violent death, child abuse
Summary: 1930s Korea, in the period of Japanese occupation, a new girl (Sookee) is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress (Hideko) who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering Uncle (Kouzuki). But the maid has a secret. She is a pickpocket recruited by a swindler posing as a Japanese Count to help him seduce the Lady to elope with him, rob her of her fortune, and lock her up in a madhouse. The plan seems to proceed according to plan until Sookee and Hideko discover some unexpected emotions.

Review: I just watched it yesterday (it’s still on air in some areas). The movie is inspired by Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I have yet to read the book, but I’m pretty sure only the rough plot is identical. I do not believe readers will be disappointed, since it’s not an adaptation and rather an inspiration. 

I know that Park Chan-wook fans will recognize his specific style and appreciate this film. As someone who is not really into his work or thrillers in general, I have to say that this movie was really impressive. I loved the way the historical context (Japanese occupation) was skillfully used in order to create some realistic background to the story. The decors and the costumes are also very impressive. This kind of details can really bring you into the atmosphere of the film, just like the music (it’s awesome). I also liked the structure of the film (three parts). 

I’m not the best at predicting ends but this movie really surprised me all along, and that without losing me along the way. It puts me off when a director tries to connect everything so much that it doesn’t makes sense at the end (see Collateral Beauty for a recent example). So I really liked the end! 

The actors are also pretty good, even though I find Kim Tae-ri as Sookee more impressive than Kim Min-hee as Hideko. They did a great job together though.
The biggest cons of the film were for me the ‘gore scenes’, the fact that some scenes with Hideko looked strange/inconsistent to me (what she did, the way she did things) and the length of the sex scenes. Some of it was hot, and even refreshing from what you can see in other mainstream films or series (concerning plot/technics of filming) but it still felt too long at some points and filmed by a guy. Yes there’s symbolism in those scenes, it’s not just for ‘the male gaze’. Do I think that a wlw would have expressed that symbolism differently, in a more radical way? Yes, absolutely.
Still, I wouldn’t mind to watch it again. It’s not like there’s well portrayed lesbians on the big screen everyday. 

The original movie is in Korean and Japanese, subtitles are available in over 12 languages.

Rec: Between the Teeth

Title: Between the Teeth
Author: youcouldmakealife
Format: Novel / Series
Published/Free: Free
Length: 158,966 words (+ ficlets and more on tumblr)
Status: Complete (+ ficlets might be written)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Homophobia, parental neglect, violence, miscommunication
Link: and the author’s tumblr is also worth checking out (I linked the tag in chronological order, so less spoilery to click)
Summary: From the author: Before they start in the NHL, David barely knew Lourdes, and maybe that was for the best.

Review: I am a big fan of all of youcouldmakealife’s hockey universe, so I would recommend checking all of their work. I was surprised to see only “You could make a life” had previously been recced here, so I decided to fix that.

This series was just recently completed and it is a long journey that seems to start with the trope of rivals become lovers but somehow ends up growing into so much more than that, you will learn to love David’s lovable cluelessness and awkwardness and how he grows throughout the whole series; his relationship with Jake is just as important as the relationships with all of the important people in his life, and all of the characters are as real and well-written as the protagonists (and some of them get their own story, like Robbie). 

So you get some hockey, angst, rivals, friendships, romance, fucking up; and it’s all really well written and engaging.
It’s incredible now to look back and realise how this story made my day for 3 years every time a new update appeared on my inbox!

Rec: Traded

Title: Traded
Author: JennaMarie
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 73,000 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Dubious consent, mild BDSM, mild punishment.
Summary: A boy is sold to a Russian crime boss to pay off his father’s debts.

Review: The main character is a very sweet boy who is sold by his step father to cover debts. The story has an actual plot and hot sex scenes.
Iosef, the mob boss who keeps Michael is dominating, dangerous, and yet, even when he’s a complete ass, he’s hot.

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Rec: The Ballad of Barefoot Robin


Title: The Ballad of Barefoot Robin, or The Ridiculous Seduction Of Lieutenant Worthington
Author: mooncalf
Format: Novella
Published/Free: Free
Length: 20,000 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Summary: Naval officer posted in a backwater gets trouble and more from the thief Barefoot Robin.

Review: I found this a lighthearted and sweet story and enjoy the character interaction. I also like the distinctive ways of speaking the main characters have.

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