Rec: Fallen Hero: Rebirth

Title: Fallen Hero: Rebirth
Author: Malin Rydén
Format: Online text-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game
Published/Free: Published
Length: 380,000
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Possible mentions of past abuse, suicide, alcoholism
Summary: Become the greatest telepathic villain Los Diablos has ever known! Once you were famous; soon you will be infamous. That is, unless your old friends in the Rangers stop you first. Juggle different identities and preserve your secrets as you build new alliances and try to forget the friendships you’ve left behind.

Review: In terms of interactive fiction, Fallen Hero: Rebirth may be the best one out there. The intricate and seamless writing introduces a world where superheroes are more than simple ‘do-gooders’ and where everything may not be as it seems. The characters you can romance are fully fleshed out and are truly living and breathing in the city that you may very well destroy…

Rec: Immunity Series

Title: Immunity
Author: Epic Solemnity (Dark_Cyan_Star)
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 2 parts so far, Part I: 22 Chapters, Part II: 19/30 Chapters
Status: WIP, updates once or twice a week
Rating: Mature
Warnings: graphic violence, implied/referenced incest
Link: AO3 (Part I)  AO3 (Part II)
Summary: Raised in the slums, away from his scheming relatives, a prince grows up dreaming of revenge. However, blood is power, and despite his royal lineage, Ezra isn’t an Elemental. Or so he believes. When he reencounters his darkly enthralling uncle, he finds himself facing new, enigmatic possibilities and unlocked powers. He soon realizes he doesn’t want to kill his family. He wants to beat them at their own game. 

Review: The world built around this story is amazing. I love the dynamics of all the characters, and the story itself is new and refreshing. The author is a great writer and it really shows in her word choice and grammar. Although they claim the story updates once a week, they have posted more than one chapter a week many times. If you love fantasy and slow burn, this is the story for you.

Epic Solemnity (Dark_Cyan_Star)

Rec: Strings of Fate

Title: Strings of Fate
Author: rez-zie
Format: Webcomic
Published/Free: Free
Length: ~50 pages currently up, will be several hundred by the time it’s finished
Status: WIP
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Depressed character, illness mention
Link: Tapastic: 
Summary: STRINGS OF FATE is an angsty story about a naive boy who tries to find his place in the world. His fated path is a long one, where he experiences the joys of first love and adventure, but some aren’t so keen on where it’s taking him.

Stay with him as he unravels the bittersweet truths of the world.


This story focuses on a POLY ship! But there will be many twists and turns, seeing as life can throw you in unusual directions.

Review: Very upbeat and gay, so there’s no shortage of fun, but there are hints of disabilities and issues that will greatly impact the series later ! I wanted to give a face to depression and abandonment issues to give the reader something to relate to, but also happy themes like security and friendship. Strings of Fate is an LGBT+ coming of age story that i’ve dedicated well over a year to and i hope that people find comfort it !

Rec: The Landlord

Title: The Landlord
Author: Asuka Kureru (Askerian)
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 119k words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None that I can think of
Summary: Fresh-faced university student Sevan picks up rugged, funny Mikhail. Okay, is picked up. Same result – a nice evening for all. No consequences, right?

Only Sevan is a mage, and Mikhail is… well.

Review: Admittedly I haven’t read this one for a while, and feel like I can’t give it a deserving review. However, I remember it being very good and I’ve read it twice. I came across it today in my bookmarks and thought it deserved a little extra attention.

Rec: Letters for Lucardo

Title: Letters for Lucardo
Author: Noora Heikkilä
Format: Comic/ebook
Published/Free: Published
Length: 139 pages
Status: Completed (First book in a planned four-part series)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Slight gore.
Summary: Ed Fiedler is a common man.

61 years old and employed as a scribe in a royal palace, his most regular client is Lucardo von Gishaupt, a forever-young aristocrat … and member of the mysterious and revered Night Court. When the eternally 33-year-old Lucardo and the aging Ed develop feelings for one another, both are forced to contend with the culture shock of a mortal man’s presence among the deathless, the perilous disapproval of the sitting Lord of the Night Court, and Ed’s own ever-present mortality, threatening to bring an end to their romance in the blink of an everlasting eye.

Review: Letters for Lucardo is the comic equivalent of a ginger snap – a little dark, a lot spicy, and very sweet.

This is a gentle and poignant story with wonderful touches of humor and romance. Ed and Lucardo are a joy together, the kind of lovers you can’t help but root for. But nothing’s ever easy is it?

I was thrilled to see that there are sequels planned. This is one of those good things that it would be very, very difficult to get too much of.

Rec: The Journey of the Peasant King – A Straight Fairytale Series

Title: The Journey of the Peasant King – A Straight Fairytale Series
Author: Christina Ebbesen
Published/free: The work isn’t published yet, but the first chapter is available for free
Length: About 6200 words
Status: Unfinished – the first chapter is done. The novel is going through the last edits, it’s in Danish though, and so far only the first chapter is available in English.
Rating: Teen/Mature – There is commissioned art at the page with nudity and also rape. There are warnings before you reach the NSFW stuff though.
Warnings: Some mature art with sex and rape. The text itself don’t need warnings.

Review: Epic fantasy with a nice boy meets boy story, that might go from bromance to romance.

Rec: Judgement, Part 1: Bag of Tools (Series)

Title: Judgement, Part 1: Bag of Tools
Author: Mexta (AO3), Mexta (Blogspot, complete list of her other original works)
Format: Novel (Book one of planned trilogy)
Published/Free: Free
Length: 85,368 words (24 chapters)
Status: Finished
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence. Abuse, including underage. Noncon and dubcon. Voluntary submission, masochism, D/s. Large age gap. Sex, mainly implied. Dubious morality. Slavery too (but weirdly consensual, just read it, you’ll understand)
Link: AO3 for book 1, index of complete works (except the third book)
Summary: This is Tom’s story. Born in the near-future and growing up on the desolate streets of one of the last inner city neighborhoods, he’s a local kingpin before he reaches adolescence. Facing a bleak future, he looks for a way out – and finds it when he’s adopted by a wealthy, well-known family. But what happens when a boy who’s never known innocence gets a second chance at childhood?

Review: Absolutely engaging story. 

It’s such an exquisite writing with really advanced characterization and character development. In terms of plot, it’s not grandeur or larger-than-life, but the pacing and the story gradual transformation is so gripping and it’s just pulling you in. The world-building is also absolutely grounded and realistic but also elaborate and creative at the same time. It doesn’t feel like the writer is trying to make an explosive or huge-deal world, but it’s intricate in its own way. 

This isn’t exactly “slash” or LGBTQ+ centered story, but I think that’s the best part of it. It’s so normalized in the universe (including polyamory and everything) that it’s not taking you away from the core message of the story. Being queer here isn’t queer.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you’re into morality conflict story, this is the one for you. It definitely deserves much bigger recognition.

Rec: Beck and Call

Title: Beck and Call (Billionaires Series)
Author: Emma Holly
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Published
Length: 96,740 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Light BDSM, age difference.
Summary: Women can’t keep their hands off billionaire Damien Call. The mysterious mogul has it all: fast cars, killer looks, and a brain that just might be his best asset.

Mia Beck loves her job at a PI firm. Her coworker Jake stars in most of her daydreams, so seeing him everyday is no hardship.

Jake hasn’t believed in human goodness since he worked black ops for the CIA. Romancing innocent Mia is unthinkable, no matter how enticingly submissive she seems to be. Then a case of corporate espionage forces them to pose as a dom/sub duo, to catch the eye of accused wrongdoer Damien. No fantasy is off limits for this voyeur—until the attraction the pair exerts lures him to go hands on .

Review: One of the things I like best about Emma Holly’s triads is that they always have a different dynamic. In this case, Jake and Mia have both been longing for each other for awhile, when Damien enters their lives as a surprising catalyst for their pent-up desires.

This book is pure escapism on every level.

Also – books in this series are stand-alones.

Hey guys, as some of you may remember, many a moons a go we used to do anthologies (for some good non-profit fun). It’s been a while since we’ve put anything out but this October the four of us (G, roughdrafthero, cattails and myself) thought we’d do something. It was meant to come out on Halloween but well, real life. 

If you click on the picture above

(OR CLICK HERE) it will take you to the dropbox where you can download it. Please read the tags carefully in the content, some of these stories do contain possible triggering content. The stories range from sci fi, to folktales and modern fantasy. 

We all hope you enjoy this, and please feel free to feedback to the authors. A lot of effort went into this. You can find the links to the author’s preferred website at the end. Also a huge shoutout and thank you to roundaboutparker, who did the cover art and compiled the pdf. 

Note: The anth is only associated with TSP in the sense that it had its origins there and we are all members of the community. 

– Z

Rec: Watching Elijah Fall

Title: Watching Elijah Fall
Author: Amy Spector
Format: Short story
Published/Free: Free
Length: 17,000 words
Status: Complete
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary: Months after a bad breakup, Jacob Pierce is still more than a little fragile. With the encouragement of his friends he agrees to sign up for a film based photography class.

Elijah Fall, a widowed photography teacher, is exactly the man to bring Jacob back to life. But, while Jacob has found the man of his dreams, will Elijah, someone who has lost everything once, risk his heart again?

Review: This is a charming love story about two lovable characters reaching out to each other in a very relatable and human way. It is very well-written, and it has some great side characters as well. I just fell in love with it and the way that it makes small moments count.