Fic Rec: Daz The Destroyer Conquers Prom | Demon Summoning, Prom, Cinderella Elements

Daz The Destroyer Conquers Prom by Fair_Feather_Friend

  • Original M/M Slash
  • Available on AO3
  • Complete, 8k, Teens
  • Contains: Demon Summoning, Prom, Cinderella Elements, HUMOUR, Happy Ending


When Melchior Gordon is faced with the prospect of either attending prom alone, or not going at all, he summons a demon to escort him.

Daz the Destroyer is not the date Melchior expected.

My thoughts: This fic is sooo funny!! Both Daz the Destroyer and Melchior have such great lines, and Daz the Destroyer is soo deadpan about crushing everything that Melchior mentions. Melchior ends up having a pretty great prom with his demon date. A really humorous, light-hearted (with pinches of angst!) fic!!

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