Fic Rec: With Love in Mind | Daddy Kink, Sugar Daddy, Asexual Dom

With Love in Mind by TuppingLiberty

  • Original M/M Slash
  • Available on AO3
  • Complete, 81k, Explicit
  • Contains: Sugar Daddy, Dom/Sub, Daddy Kink, Asexual Dom, Lots of kink negotiation and aftercare


Tongue stuck between his lips, his mind goes quiet for a few precious moments as he concentrates on the polish. He sighs with happiness when he’s done, admiring his toes, wishing he could wear the color on his nails.
Graeme Webster, 20, is clawing at survival the best way he can. He works two jobs, but can’t make rent. He has an anxiety disorder, but can’t afford his meds. He’s trying his best, but he needs help.

“You might be leaning on urban geekster a bit too hard.”
“Okay, I’m probably going to regret asking, but ‘geekster?’”
“Geek-hipster. Geekster.”

Alan Garry, 30, is an app programming millionaire with a middle class background. He may be a workaholic, but he’s carved out time for the Seattle kink scene since being introduced to it in college. He sits somewhere on the asexual spectrum, and the fact that he can’t figure out precisely where bothers him more than he’d care to admit.

“It’s going to be okay, Graeme. Where do you hurt the most?”
An unfortunate chance encounter brings them together, but they realize quite quickly that neither of them are willing to part again.

My thoughts: I love this fic so much. Some physical hurt turns to platonic comfort that builds into a lovely relationship between the two. The domination is so very caring, and there’s so much good conversation and negotiations between the two, and both of them show so much vulnerability and grow together. The asexual dom part of it is also really fantastic, and there’s also scenes set in the kink community.

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