Fic Rec: Seven Tears into the Sea | Magical Realism

Seven Tears Into the Sea by lynadyndyn

  • Original M/M Slash

  • Rated Explicit

  • Available on ao3


“Was that really called for? I was just making conversation, you don’t have to…” And then he thought about the hard authority in Malcolm’s voice when he talked about MacCordrum’s choice of collectibles. He looked at Malcolm, a rare, pretty thing.

Later, Dylan would remember this moment as the first time he felt the wrongness of the situation. His first glimpse into true mystery and ugliness and the dark.

Tags: Magical realism, fantasy, warnings for mentions of rape/non-con

Thoughts: A really good story weaving Scottish mythological elements, magical realism and the attraction between a consultant to a very wealthy man and the wealthy man’s very mysterious, beautiful and distant secretary. This is a bit older, but I’ve reread this story so many times and loved it each rereading. I really enjoy the author’s writing style and how they set the story up as serious and thoughtful.

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