Fic Rec: Starsfall | High Fantasy, Assassins

Starsfall by thedevilchicken

*Original M/M Slash

*Rated Explicit

*Available on ao3


General Dorrand is fifty-two years old and the best swordsman in Talis. He’s severe, austere, devout, and the king’s most trusted advisor.

Reylen of Lorand, son of the Duke of Lorand, is a spendthrift thirty-something with a taste for wine and casual sex. But he’s also not exactly what he seems to be.

When Dorrand finds Reylen standing over a dead man with a dagger in his hand, the obvious explanation both is and isn’t the right one.

Tags: High Fantasy, Assassins & Hitmen, Age Difference, Swordfighting, Getting Together, Secret Identity, Blood and Violence, Power Dynamics

Thoughts: A really enjoyable take on unavoidable attraction, with a heaping dash of secret identity and assassins. This fic follows two characters who have been orbiting each other for a long time with different goals and allegiances, both complete opposites in appearances. It’s on the shorter side, so I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s enjoyable and the power dynamics are fun.

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