The Absence of You by shukyou

Illustrated by TOFU

  • Original M/M and poly (M and F)
  • Complete
  • Explicit
  • Free

Summary: In an alternate Victorian England, Lucian wakes up with two years of his memories removed as punishment for a crime that he now has no knowledge of committing. Alone and uncertain, he reaches out to the theurgist who removed his memories.

Tags: alternate universe, magic, minor allusion to sexual assault, discussions of violence/death.

Thoughts: A really interesting look at an alternative Victorian England where magic is freely practiced and certain crimes can be expunged by removing the memories which lead to the crime. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters as well as the chemistry that the narrator has with the other people that he comes to work and live with. The author’s writing is so lush and immersive–it is one of those rare stories where I felt transported to this world. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I loved the world and thought the story was really unique and interesting.

Link on S2B2.

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