do you like webcomics? do you like girls? then boi have i got some shit for you. this is my wlw webcomic masterpost, with comics ranging from very short to quite long. i highly recommend each and every one of these webcomics, not only as a avid webcomic reader but also as a lesbian who is sick of shitty representation and tragic endings. i’ve read pretty much all of them, so please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. also, if you have a webcomic rec that isn’t listed below and contains at least one prominent sapphic character, let me know and i’ll add it to the list.

happy reading 🙂

one shot tumblr comics:

amusement park love (link)

a simple sweet comic about lesbians in space (link)

terrible flirting techniques (link)

fun day at the beach (link)

like ariel but gayer (link)

the hand of a princess (link)

a short comic about witches and wanting things (link)

mission compromised (link)

short n cute:

strangely katie -a bunch of cute, short comics by the same artist. princess princess is the Main Gay Attraction, but the rest are cute and noteworthy so i added the lot

total party kiss -this comic is ongoing, but so far it’s quite short. the beautifully drawn adventures of three D&D players. also, it’s funny and gay.

bed end -poc amputee girlfriends. it’s really cute. kinda nsfw (there is a boob) but honestly really not that bad.

bride of the rose beast -poc main character, monsters and lesbians oh my

witches daughters -once, there was a witch who had a daughter.

job satisfaction -i love this and ~nobody is white or straight aside from the villain~. also like, there are superpowers

duty -a knight, a dragon and a sacrificed princess

the ocean -a love story about mermaids, tattoos and the sea

medium length ongoing comics:

unconvent -a girl is sent to a convent to repent her sinful lesbian ways. naturally, she meets another girl there, the handsome ex-pirate sister augusta. main character is a poc, and the story promises to be “non-tragic.” also, it’s really pretty.

mooncakes -a queer, chinese-american supernatural romance story. the comic focuses on their relationship as they struggle through bills, family, and weird horse demons in ways that only a witch and a werewolf can. it’s cute and gay guys. also, fairly short so far.

datamosh -not actually ongoing, but medium length so. main relationship is between two poc girls. it’s really good, but also a lil trippy.

velox -poc main character who falls for a cute vet assistant and adopts a puppy to get closer to her. cute as shit, plus dogs.

a house on the cliff -a comic about magic, meddling, girls, and the sea

idolon -cassandra starts her new, prestigious school and befriends sam, who is ostracised by her peers. through sam, she meets deanna, sam’s standoffish sister and her girlfriend, benny. while developing a (requited) crush on her best friend, she learns more and more about the unexpectedly dark world that sam’s family is emerged in. some parts are a lil nsfw, and this comic will get violent/darker later on, but it’s so fucking pretty and also I’m in love with deanna.

in the element -this comic is brand new, and so doesn’t have a lot of pages right now. but it promises to be a good one. it’s about 5 childhood friends who meet up again 15 years later. and then weird shit happens.

witchy -okay so i don’t actually know any of the main characters sexualities. but this story hasn’t got very far, and there will be gay to come. it features a strong female protag and her badass mother, a trans popular girl and beautiful world building. it’s set in a witch kingdom where the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair.

goth western -a story about selling your soul for love, and how necromancy may not fix all your problems, but it’s a start. features a poc lead, and an amazing sapphic relationship.

bad bad things -a small community of people in the desert. featuring magic, badass trans characters, and seriously good world building.

longer ongoing comics:

rock and riot -follows the tales of opposing teen gangs in the 1950s with a LGBTQ theme. it’s very popular and for a damn good reason. main wlw romance with a poc character, and a nice big diverse cast including gay, bi, ace, aro, trans and genderqueer characters.

dragondove -a fantasy-western comic that explores mystical creatures, exotic landscapes, and magical artifacts while maintaining an action-adventure theme. it has dragons, cute girls and a cool poc lesbian heroine.

shoot around -fuck yeah man it’s a zombie apocalypse comic. featuring a main cast of all girls, plus their basketball coach jeff, this comic is super good and super gay. it’s got poc characters, trans characters and a bunch of different sexualities. also, for a comic about the end of the world, it’s quite cute and even innocent in some parts.

honey and venom -a webcomic about a goddess who falls in love with her priestess. 2,000 years later, in the modern world, they are reunited. only the priestess doesn’t remember her, and the goddess must try to win her back. it’s cute, it’s gay, it’s got poc main characters.

eths skin -under a sickle moon on an empty stone beach Eth mistakes a selkie skin for their own, and ends up having to make a journey to a distant cove in order to put things right. It’s a queer (and genderqueer) fantasy full of monsters and low tides, cool non-binary individuals, queer relationships, and a pet pygmy harbour seal named Goblin.

sharp zero -i really really like this comic. it’s funny, well drawn and features a very diverse lgbt, genderqueer and poc cast. although the story does focus around elliot, who gets caught up in the world of vigilantism through a really stupid accident, there are plenty of female, and genderqueer, characters, plus several sapphic relationships.

rechargable -i love this comic so fucking much. it’s a futuristic sci fi comic that follows a crew of queer (and genderqueer) australians who build and deal black market weapons known as CHIPs.

wilde life -yeah the main character is a dude. a straight dude. bUT. NEVER FEAR. LESBIANS ARE HERE. the comic features powerful local witch eliza and her girlfriend darcy, even if they do take a while to appear. worth it tho.

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